Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here We Go...

On Sunday, we stood before the church and were introduced as members of the Belgium team. I was still so emotional from Abbie's departure that the moment was almost too great for me to bear. How could I possibly take all of it in? Standing there, being introduced as missionaries was as surreal as our wedding, or as crying in the university parking lot, saying our goodbyes to Abbie a day and a half before! This definitely marked a significant milestone in our life.

We are preparing to meet with prospective partners, inviting them to participate in this great adventure. At first, it would seem a daunting task, bordering on humbling to ask for money. But it is clear in the word that this is the way it's done. It is the God-prescribed method for the church to be actively involved in spreading the good news of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Paul had no qualms about it. Nor should we. And so, we are extending a heartfelt invitation for believers in Christ to join us in the evangelizing of Belgium. What a joyous privilege it is to partner with God in this work!

Things are zooming! School is underway. Pray for patience, wisdom, passion, God's peace and a clear vision as we forge ahead through the many distractions. We are planning on listing the house as soon as possible, balancing school, work, and other responsibilities. David is working more than ever, please pray for the pain he suffers daily due to the tendinitis in his arms as he faithfully labors to provide for us and make a way for Belgium.

Abigail is settled and loving school already. I feel I am over the worst of the separation anxiety, but how we all miss her! I talked with her at length last night and by God's grace feel strengthened in our connectedness though we are daily apart.


  1. I love the new pictures!!! They are amazing. :) So thankful that you guys are on this journey. What an amazing team God has put in place. I can't wait to see all of the ways he is planning to use all of us and our partners during this incredible journey.

  2. Just found your blog and I'm so excited for you guys! What a journey your family is about to begin. Wow! I love it!