Sunday, September 20, 2009


I have had an incredibly liberating couple of weeks. It is our goal to have our house on the market as quickly as possible. Moving into an apartment will help orient us to living in a smaller space and allow us to more aggressively pay off debts. Paring down now will alleviate that chore for us later. We leave for training in one year. As we move closer to the date of departure, it will benefit us greatly to be fully focussed on the days ahead, preparing our hearts and minds for the people of Belgium and raising our needed support.

We are in the process now of selling or tossing many of our possessions. And so, I started going through the house and removing things in phases. At first, it was difficult to know what to do with each item. It's an odd thing, going through each item you own and deciding if it is to be treasured (stored) or tossed. I have never been materialistic, but who doesn't like nice things around them? It makes a home feel homey.

I have recently come to terms with traveling light. Very light. We are bringing only suitcases. The cost of shipping is out of the question. At first, I didn't see how it could be done. But as I've gone through my stuff, I have realized that I truly don't need it. I like it. But it's not necessary. What is necessary is that Christ be preached in a lost and darkened world. Hold that up to a pretty dish or a favorite comforter and there's really no contest, huh?

So I am free! We will bring some clothes and shoes, some books, sheets and 2 pans. I gotta have my pans!!! We are boxing up the pictures, home movies, heirlooms, a few favorite things and other treasures. Everything else is piling up in the garage for a BIG yard sale.

I love the Lord and I love the journey we are on.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lead On, Lord

A couple of weeks ago, several members of the Belgium team traveled to Brussels. We were able to connect and pray with them through Skype. What an advantage we have in communications that missionaries even fifty years ago could only dream of. What a blessing it is to be assured of being connected to our friends and family here in the states as we journey over the sea.

Their trip went very well. They walked the streets of Belgium, seeking God for guidance as to where we should plant. They visited missionaries in Belgium and were able to gain some insight. We have been studying maps and are researching on the internet and we pray that God would lead us to that spot we'll call home. Finding an apartment that is close to transportation is imperative. We may be ministering in various areas of the city. As we prepare to visit in the spring, we would like to have potential areas to see. In Brussels, French is spoken to the south and Dutch in the north. So we've narrowed it down to a few areas in the southern parts of the city. We're confident that God will continue to lead us.